UBCD V5.3.8

UBCD V5.3.8 is now available for download. What is new: – few apps are updated to the most recent version, – CPUID was added to the collection. Download it here: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html

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UBCD 3.5.6 is released

UBCD V5.3.6 is now available for download. A few apps have been updated to their latest versions. Also, the F-Prot database paths have changed and the corresponding changes have been made to the fprot.sh script. Important: If you have downloaded

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UBCD version 5.3.0 is released

Today (May 21 2014) UBCD version 5.3.0 is released and available for download. Here are the changes: Updated ASTRA to V6.14. Updated Intel Processor Identification Utility to V4.90. Updated Memtest86 to V4.3.7. Updated Super Grub2 Disk to V2.00s2. Details could

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New download mirror for UBCD

From today we are mirroring UBCD iso download. For those who are not familiar UBCD stands for Ultimate Boot CD and it is collection of Open Source and freeware tools that could be used to troubleshoot or fix issues with

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