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The first step is the easiest one,To export the data login to your WP dashboard and navigate to tools -> Export click on Save export file and save locally the file, As result an XML file will be downloaded on …

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For years, I’m using WordPress to present by blogs. And I’m really happy, but it also requires quite a time to support and update. And as any dynamic platform is somewhat heavy.Yes, I’ve applied optimizations, caching and other recommendations and …

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UBCD V5.3.8 is now available for download. What is new: – few apps are updated to the most recent version, – CPUID was added to the collection. Download it here:

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Here comes next big vulnerability Meltdown and Spectre or CVE-2017-5753/CVE-2017-5715 and CVE-2017-5754 discovered by Google project Zero team. Patches are available for some operating systems and are coming reallt soon for others. In essence bug in some CPUs allows attacker …

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Today (May 21 2014) UBCD version 5.3.0 is released and available for download. Here are the changes: Updated ASTRA to V6.14. Updated Intel Processor Identification Utility to V4.90. Updated Memtest86 to V4.3.7. Updated Super Grub2 Disk to V2.00s2. Details could …

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Oracle VM VirtualBox is a virtualization software package. It is really useful to run several OS simultaneously. And great educational tool. One useful feature not enabled by default is possibility to copy/paste between host and guest (also called shared clipboard). …

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Recently I’ve decided that even some people think that C programming language is old and obsolete it still worth be be learned. While learning I’ve frequently consulted information about different commands. As consequence I’ve created small C cheat sheet that …

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(Translated from CentALT web site Site offline) Introduction Quite a few system administrators use RHEL 5 or one of multiple clones CentOS or Scientific Linux. With this repository you will be able fairly easy to install on RHEL/CentOS 5 latest …

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When you have multiple CIDR subnets in your network subnet mask is often different. To be certain about correct netmask I’m using CIDR cheat sheet. You can find it at IPv4 CIDR page. Note: CIDR is classless inter domain routing.

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