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For years, I’m using WordPress to present by blogs. And I’m really happy, but it also requires quite a time to support and update. And as any dynamic platform is somewhat heavy.
Yes, I’ve applied optimizations, caching and other recommendations and with the time as product got more polished there are fewer issues. But is there an alternative.

Looking at statistics and blog content I’ve noticed that one of my blogs is almost static in nature.
Then the question popped up: Why not use a static site?
But I like how Wodpress does it you type text and get a website at the end. And typing HTML tags is not fun 😉

Then I found an alternative — static site generators.

For those who do not know what is it: You provide the text to the “compiler” and at the end you get “static” website.

For my purpose I’ve chosen Pelican. Yes, there are many others out there, but this was the one I’ve chosen, because of the simplicity and good documentation.

I’ll not bother you with product description, all features could be found on the project web page, but the one I’ve looked for is support for WP site import.

In short process is:
1. Export WP blog as XML
2. Run pelican-import
3. Fix pages, media and theme
4. Publish
5. Enjoy

In following posts I’ll give more details on each step.

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