Security updates for Tuesday 10/22/2019

Security updates were issued by Debian ([DSA 4545-1] mediawiki security update, [DSA 4546-1] openjdk-11 security update, [DSA 4547-1] tcpdump security update, [DSA 4548-1] openjdk-8 security update) CentOS (CEEA-2019:3080 CentOS 7 kernel Enhancement Update, CEBA-2019:3071 CentOS 7 libguestfs BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3072 CentOS 7 systemd BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3066 CentOS 7 sos BugFix Update, CEBA-2017:3387 CentOS 7 pcp BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3077 CentOS 7 binutils BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3075 CentOS 7 systemtap BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3065 CentOS 7 resource-agents BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3061 CentOS 7 rsyslog BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3079 CentOS 7 mutter BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3064 CentOS 7 pki-core BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3053 CentOS 7 sbd BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3069 CentOS 7 rear BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3068 CentOS 7 procps-ng BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3078 CentOS 7 python-requests BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3079 CentOS 7 gnome-shell BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3058 CentOS 7 libreswan BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3057 CentOS 7 lvm2 BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3073 CentOS 7 flatpak BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3060 CentOS 7 accountsservice BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3081 CentOS 7 firewalld BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3063 CentOS 7 conntrack-tools BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3063 CentOS 7 libnetfilter_cthelper BugFix Update, CESA-2019:3067 Important CentOS 7 jss Security Update, CEBA-2019:3062 CentOS 7 kpatch BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3054 CentOS 7 hostname BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3063 CentOS 7 libnetfilter_cttimeout BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3056 CentOS 7 dnsmasq BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:3070 CentOS 7 ipa BugFix Update, CEEA-2019:3074 CentOS 7 firefox Enhancement Update, CESA-2019:3055 Important CentOS 7 kernel Security Update)

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