Security updates for Thursday 11/19/20

Security updates were issued by Debian ([DSA 4793-1] firefox-esr security update) CentOS (CEBA-2020:5039 CentOS 7 ibus BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5009 Moderate CentOS 7 python Security Update, CEBA-2020:5000 CentOS 7 coreutils BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5010 Moderate CentOS 7 python3 Security Update, CESA-2020:5021 Moderate CentOS 7 qt Security Update, CESA-2020:5021 Moderate CentOS 7 qt5-qtbase Security Update, CEBA-2020:5027 CentOS 7 selinux-policy BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5049 CentOS 7 xorg-x11-server BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5020 Low CentOS 7 tomcat Security Update, CEBA-2020:5045 CentOS 7 squid BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5005 CentOS 7 tigervnc BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5007 CentOS 7 systemd BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5008 CentOS 7 tuned BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5019 CentOS 7 telnet BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5001 CentOS 7 tcsh BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5004 Low CentOS 7 resource-agents Security Update, CEBA-2020:5030 CentOS 7 system-config-users BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5002 Moderate CentOS 7 curl Security Update, CEBA-2020:5048 CentOS 7 mutter BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5017 CentOS 7 openscap BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5040 Moderate CentOS 7 libvirt Security Update, CEBA-2020:5042 CentOS 7 open-vm-tools BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5032 CentOS 7 python-blivet BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5046 CentOS 7 mesa BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5015 CentOS 7 poppler BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5006 CentOS 7 kde-workspace BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5031 CentOS 7 opencryptoki BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5036 CentOS 7 mod_auth_mellon BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5035 CentOS 7 mod_auth_openidc BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5011 Moderate CentOS 7 bind Security Update, CEBA-2020:5048 CentOS 7 gtk3 BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5012 Moderate CentOS 7 librepo Security Update, CEBA-2020:5033 CentOS 7 httpd BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5034 CentOS 7 kexec-tools BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5037 CentOS 7 initscripts BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5024 CentOS 7 crash BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5048 CentOS 7 glib2 BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5038 CentOS 7 evolution-ews BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5028 CentOS 7 gfs2-utils BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5025 CentOS 7 NetworkManager BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5048 CentOS 7 gdm BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5041 CentOS 7 389-ds-base BugFix Update, CESA-2020:5003 Low CentOS 7 fence-agents Security Update, CEBA-2020:5047 CentOS 7 foomatic BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5016 CentOS 7 device-mapper-persistent-data BugFix Update, CEBA-2020:5014 CentOS 7 firewalld BugFix Update, CEEA-2020:5022 CentOS 7 device-mapper-multipath Enhancement Update, CESA-2020:5023 Moderate CentOS 7 kernel Security Update)

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