Year: 2016

Mirror service status 20161012 is offline. online My test server that hosted the web site has issues and recovery is undergoing. Status updates could be found on this post. Update: Mirror service is up

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UBCD 3.5.6 is released

UBCD V5.3.6 is now available for download. A few apps have been updated to their latest versions. Also, the F-Prot database paths have changed and the corresponding changes have been made to the script. Important: If you have downloaded

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ProFTPD updated to version 1.3.5b

Following announcement of ProFTPD version 1.3.5b CentAlt rpm has been updated.

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How to add simple bell command to bash

Often when running commands in Linux terminal I had to multitask and switch to another terminal. That is good, but how to get notification that first task is completed? We all get bell notification from the terminal. So why not

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