Security updates for Wednesday 3/20/2019

Security updates were issued by CentOS (CESA-2019:0512 Important CentOS 7 kernel Security Update, CESA-2019:0483 Moderate CentOS 7 openssl Security Update, CESA-2019:0485 Moderate CentOS 7 tomcat Security Update, CESA-2019:0482 Moderate CentOS 7 cockpit Security Update, CESA-2019:0597 Moderate CentOS 7 cloud-init Security Update, CEBA-2019:0501 CentOS 7 gcc BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0524 CentOS 7 pcs BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0517 CentOS 7 xorg-x11-server BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0504 CentOS 7 util-linux BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0516 CentOS 7 xfsprogs BugFix Update, CEEA-2019:0507 CentOS 7 shadow-utils Enhancement Update, CEBA-2019:0499 CentOS 7 resource-agents BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0496 CentOS 7 tuned BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0503 CentOS 7 sos BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0513 CentOS 7 libguestfs BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0518 CentOS 7 gnutls BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0506 CentOS 7 pki-core BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0523 CentOS 7 mutter BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0498 CentOS 7 rear BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0502 CentOS 7 sbd BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0520 CentOS 7 oracleasm BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0521 CentOS 7 libvirt BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0500 CentOS 7 nss-pem BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0508 CentOS 7 ipa BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0519 CentOS 7 NetworkManager BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0511 CentOS 7 389-ds-base BugFix Update, CEEA-2019:0522 CentOS 7 gdm Enhancement Update, CEBA-2019:0509 CentOS 7 dbus BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0515 CentOS 7 fcoe-utils BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0505 CentOS 7 jss BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0497 CentOS 7 gnome-tweak-tool BugFix Update)

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