Security updates for 6/22/2019 – 7/6/2019

Security updates were issued by Debian ([DSA 4469-1] libvirt security update, [DSA 4467-2] vim regression update, [DSA 4470-1] pdns security update, [DSA 4471-1] thunderbird security update, [DSA 4472-1] expat security update, [DSA 4473-1] rdesktop security update, [DSA 4474-1] firefox-esr security update, [DSA 4475-1] openssl security update, [DSA 4476-1] python-django security update) CentOS (CESA-2019:1587 Important CentOS 7 python Security Update, CEEA-2019:1344 CentOS 7 python-azure-sdk Enhancement Update, CEEA-2019:1342 CentOS 7 python-msrest Enhancement Update, CEEA-2019:1343 CentOS 7 python-msrestazure Enhancement Update, CEEA-2019:1341 CentOS 7 python-adal Enhancement Update, CESA-2019:1603 Critical CentOS 7 firefox Security Update, CESA-2019:1626 Important CentOS 7 thunderbird Security Update, CEEA-2019:1612 CentOS 7 microcode_ctl Enhancement Update, CESA-2019:1619 Important CentOS 7 vim Security Update, CESA-2019:1604 Critical CentOS 6 firefox Security Update, CESA-2019:1624 Important CentOS 6 thunderbird Security Update, CEEA-2019:1653 CentOS 6 microcode_ctl Enhancement Update, CESA-2019:1652 Important CentOS 6 libssh2 Security Update, CESA-2019:1650 Low CentOS 6 qemu-kvm Security Update, CEBA-2019:1651 CentOS 6 kernel BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1338 CentOS 7 glibc BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1333 CentOS 7 libteam BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1340 CentOS 7 lvm2 BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1332 CentOS 7 libreswan BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1336 CentOS 7 systemd BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1347 CentOS 7 python-docs BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:1334 CentOS 7 qt BugFix Update)

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