Security updates for Saturday 2/2/2019

Security updates were issued by Debian ([DSA 4379-1] golang-1.7 security update, [DSA 4380-1] golang-1.8 security update) CentOS (CEBA-2019:0171 CentOS 7 grub2 BugFix Update, CESA-2019:0163 Important CentOS 7 kernel Security Update, CEBA-2019:0182 CentOS 7 ImageMagick BugFix Update, CEEA-2019:0178 CentOS 7 libreswan Enhancement Update, CEBA-2019:0172 CentOS 7 nss BugFix Update, CESA-2019:0160 Important CentOS 7 thunderbird Security Update, CESA-2019:0219 Critical CentOS 7 firefox Security Update, CEBA-2019:0184 CentOS 7 sos BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0198 CentOS 7 qemu-kvm BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0196 CentOS 7 pacemaker BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0190 CentOS 7 ipa BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0185 CentOS 7 xorg-x11-server BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0176 CentOS 7 xorg-x11-drv-ati BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0192 CentOS 7 selinux-policy BugFix Update, CESA-2019:0201 Low CentOS 7 systemd Security Update, CEBA-2019:0167 CentOS 7 tomcatjss BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0193 CentOS 7 glibc BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0181 CentOS 7 squid BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0169 CentOS 7 sssd BugFix Update, CEBA-2018:3195 CentOS 7 pki-core BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0199 CentOS 7 policycoreutils BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0191 CentOS 7 openldap BugFix Update, CEEA-2019:0180 CentOS 7 osinfo-db Enhancement Update, CEBA-2019:0195 CentOS 7 nvme-cli BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0189 CentOS 7 mesa BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0172 CentOS 7 nss-util BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0197 CentOS 7 libvirt BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0183 CentOS 7 krb5 BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0187 CentOS 7 lvm2 BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0174 CentOS 7 libvirt-snmp BugFix Update, CESA-2018:3140 Moderate CentOS 7 gdm Security Update, CEBA-2019:0175 CentOS 7 freetype BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0177 CentOS 7 fence-agents BugFix Update, CESA-2019:0194 Moderate CentOS 7 bind Security Update, CEBA-2019:0179 CentOS 7 389-ds-base BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0173 CentOS 7 augeas BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0200 CentOS 7 adcli BugFix Update, CEBA-2019:0170 CentOS 7 efivar BugFix Update, CESA-2019:0218 Critical CentOS 6 firefox Security Update, CESA-2019:0159 Important CentOS 6 thunderbird Security Update)

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